Coaches & Managers —

I have a couple of reminders/updates for you. I know you are receiving a lot of information but this is all necessary to share with you before season begins.


  • You should have access to coaches corner on our website. If you do not, please let me know ASAP. Club communication to coaches & managers will come from our website from now on. You will receive an email from our website and will be able to access recent emails from me on “coaches corner” under the “club communication” tab.
      • You will simply login>go to coaches corner>click on club communication and choose whichever email you need to look at again. This will help ensure important information that I send does not get lost in your email.
      • There is also a “documents” tab for you to access recent documents I have shared with you. This is a document library for easy access when you can’t find something that you need throughout the season.


  • Sports Engine has been having an issue with the link I originally sent you. I have updated this document and uploaded it to coaches corner. You can find new instructions in there or I have included it below. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out!


  • Please ask parents to add in their phone number on their TeamSnap profile if they haven’t already. They can click the ‘private’ button next to their phone number so only team managers and admins can see this.


  • Lastly, Ricky is working on registering teams for SLYSA this week. Once he is finished, you will be notified and will be able to enter blackout dates (instructions on coaches corner).
      • I have added all coaches and managers to their team in GotSport unless they have not registered yet. If you do not see your team in GotSport, please let me know (I am still working on editing teams and making sure the correct players are there).
      • I am also going through GotSport registrations and will send out a list to you by next week of players that are incomplete.

Thank you for your time and please enjoy your holiday weekend!

Jen Evans
Metro Alliance Club Administrator