Below you will find the winter training schedule for Belleville Lindenwood. Coaches will run the sessions. This is a great time for coaches to see players from other teams in your age group.
Coaches in the same age group, please get together prior to your time slots to organize your session.  We want all coaches in the age group to spend time (10-15 minutes) with each team, so you will each do a station.   Per Ex:  Coach 1 – technical, Coach 2 – 1v1’s/2v2’s, Coach 3 – Small sided possession.

Parking and Entry Procedure at ‘Lindenwood’ Facility:

2600 W. Main Street, Belleville, IL, 62226 

Parking for all practices can be found in the far West end of the school, between the soccer field and the tennis courts.  Pull into campus by the tennis courts. As you pull in, the tennis courts will be on your left. Park in that parking lot. When you enter the building take a quick left and go up the stairs and you will be good to go.

Parent Seating at Lindenwood Facility for Practices:

There are no bleachers at this facility. As a result, we will provide a small area of seating in the hallway, outside of the training space. Furthermore, we recommend only 1 parent entering the facility with the child in order to not overcrowd the facility. We do recommend a parent stay inside the facility in case of an injury or younger child needing to use the restroom. 


Let us know if you have any questions.
James Chambers & Donny Sheehan & Jen Evans